Celebrating our History, Investing in the Future

Mitsubishi Electric, Automotive Equipment Group – a division of the €30 billion Mitsubishi Electric Corporation – manufacture a wide and varied range of electric and electronic components for the automotive industry.

From power train essential components to electric and hybrid vehicle solutions, Mitsubishi Electric has a long history of product development that’s driven the automotive industry forward for approaching 100 years. Today, it is accelerating the journey of discovery that will lead to safer, cleaner and sustainable motoring for the world.

OEM in the Aftermarket
Mitsubishi Electric is an Original Equipment Manufacturer and their components are found under the hood of most of the major automotive marques. Start a car in the morning and its highly likely to be powered by a Mitsubishi Electric starter motor. Switch on the radio or AC and there’s a good chance the electricity that’s charged the battery has been generated by a Mitsubishi Electric alternator. It is estimated that Mitsubishi Electric has a significant share of the global starter motor and alternator market.

With such a high percentage of the vehicles on the roads of the world containing Mitsubishi Electric components, there is huge demand for replacement parts in the franchised aftermarket and independent aftermarket industries.

A Decade of Distribution
Mitsubishi Electric, Automotive IAM – Independent Aftermarket – Business Unit was established just over a decade ago in 2012. To mark this 10 year milestone, we look at the history of the IAM Business Unit, discuss how the business has grown and share plans for the future.

The IAM Business Unit was initially based in France to supply Mitsubishi Electric OEM components to the independent aftermarket through a network of specialist distributors.

This network of Approved Distributors was small in number yet big on knowledge of Mitsubishi Electric products, the high manufacturing standards for which Mitsubishi Electric is renown and the value it brings to the customer.

Strategically located in key European markets, the Approved Distributor network has grown to provide distribution across the whole of Europe, with market expansion into the wider EMEA region currently being investigated.

As the Approved Distributor network grew, the business also expanded to new locations throughout Europe. The original French office was joined by branches in Germany, Italy and UK, with the Head Office relocated to Netherlands.

Investment in the Future
Q1 2023 saw the opening of a new warehousing and distribution operation based in Almere, close to Amsterdam. This facility will stock over 25,000 items across more than 300-part numbers and provide EMEA distribution from a single location. Increased capacity and improved efficiencies will help to ensure the highest service levels are always delivered to customers.

With the increased capacity, the business will continue to explore new opportunities to widen the range of genuine Mitsubishi Electric products offered to the aftermarket industry, as well as expand into new regions. Over the last few years, operations have begun in Scandinavia and Turkey and the business has also been keen to explore opportunities in the Middle East, Dubai and Africa.

Developing new products and exploring new markets has always been the beating heart of Mitsubishi Electric and is central to the business’s growth strategy. Continued investment in Research and Development will enable product design to evolve through innovation in materials and technologies, helping to meet sustainability targets and the businesses’ corporate environmental commitments.