Visit to Casco SpA

Following on from our recent anniversary post, we are very pleased to have the opportunity to make visits to our dealer network, recognizing their strong support to our business success in offering our products to the market as a solution to support society.

The solution, which is based on Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary Maisart-brand artificial intelligence (AI) technology, is expected to help prevent accidents, especially when drivers change lanes. Mirrorless cars that replace rearview and side mirrors with camera-monitoring systems were approved for use in Europe and Japan in 2016, and the first commercial mirrorless cars are expected to be launched in Japan as early as next year

Earlier this month we could visit Mr. Francesco Cappiello, CEO of Casco SpA, in Italy to congratulate them for their vital and long standing collaboration of more than 10 years for Mitsubishi Electric Independent Aftermarket.

Photograph of Mitsubishi Electric Automotive representatives with Mr. Francesco Cappiello, CEO of Casco SpA

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