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The Mitsubishi Electric range of alternators includes a full catalogue of authentic alternators, from heavy-duty parts designed for durability to lighter weight components for everyday passenger vehicles.

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As a global leader in automotive manufacture, we provide 100% genuine alternators developed by expert production partners liaising with the best brands in the industry. Each alternator combines exceptional quality, materials and functionality.

Mitsubishi Electric Alternators: Features & Benefits

  • Skill fully manufactured OEM Mitsubishi components.
  • Maximum generation efficiency with reduced noise.
  • Unique design, with winding technology and an exclusive cooling structure.
  • High-durability alternators designed to withstand over a million miles.
  • Superior quality, exceeding every industry standard for vibration and heat.

Best-in-Class Alternator Innovation

Our compact, innovative alternators use electromagnetic induction, incorporating a rotating magnetic field mechanism encased within an armature coil. Flawless power generation comes from radial vents with robust cooling fans to provide maximum capacity from a minimal size part.

Contemporary Mitsubishi Electric alternators meet every demand of modern car electronics, without an oversized power source, as a performance-focus component that keeps pace with changing engineering specifications and extended user controls.

Who Do We Produce Mitsubishi Electric Alternators for?

We’re partnered with the top, leading automotive providers in the world. We provide vehicle parts to a wide range of commercial vehicle manufacturers, with our innovative alternators used for both commercial and passenger applications.

We supply alternators in a variety of output ratings, designed to accommodate a diverse range of demands, vehicle uses and electrical output needs. Our alternators deliver unparalleled output performance and cooling, engineered for durability and compactness.

Mitsubishi Electric: Championing Excellence in Automotive Parts

Mitsubishi Electric is proud to have 100 years of knowledge in the manufacturing sector and focus on fostering skill and service at each level of our team, from distinguished customer service to complex technician training.

The European market is one of our core areas of demand, with ongoing supply chains to cater to commercial businesses and luxury, city or high-powered passenger vehicles.

Our aftermarket parts service includes supply to countless brands and automotive manufacturers, as one of the largest and most respected suppliers to the EU independent aftermarket industry, owing to our reputation for 100% authentic automotive components and streamlined, reliable parts delivery networks.

Sustainable Vehicle Components for the Drive of the Future

Continual development and a passion for distinction are key to the motoring world, and as we develop and innovate, we retain our embedded principles.

These standards guide our decisions and growth as a benchmark for the values we stand for.

  • Challenge - developing and actively contributing to sustainable vehicle manufacture, supporting the development of electricity based cars, and determining pathways to drive lower fuel consumption, higher durability and more compact vehicle profiles.
  • Innovation - emphasising the intrinsic value of eco-friendly and environmentally conscious strategies to inform manufacturing processes, techniques and procedures for production, distribution and end-use.
  • Improvement - performance vehicles never stand still, and neither do we. Each new alternator we supply incorporates the best modern technological aptitude to improve functionality and longevity.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Mitsubishi Electric only supplies and partners with organisations committed to genuine, high-quality alternators made by the proprietary brands that own the technology behind them.

We endorse the JAPIA movement to eradicate the sale of counterfeit automotive parts and support the campaign to introduce stronger measures to reduce and eliminate the sale of inauthentic components throughout the worldwide automotive aftermarket parts sector.

Our customers expect the best, and we fulfil their expectations of quality, trustworthiness and reliability by upholding our commitment to 100% authenticity.

The Mitsubishi Electric Aftermarket Vehicle Parts Service

The Mitsubishi Electric alternators range includes commercial parts for industrial vehicles through to light-use alternator components for popular private cars.

Our interactive map of Approved Distributors with web links and contact details may also be helpful if you wish to find a local stockist.

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