Starter Motors by Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric offers Starter Motors that promise durability and reduced fuel consumption, with high power-to-weight ratio and enhanced performance.

Whether you need a heavy or light-duty starter motor, all Mitsubishi Electric alternators and starter motors are 100% authentic. Our manufacturers develop vehicle parts for the top global automotive providers, so you can count on high-quality and expert manufacturing.

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As a global leader in automotive manufacture, we provide 100% genuine starter motors developed by expert production partners liaising with the best brands in the industry. Each starter motor combines exceptional quality, materials and functionality.

Features & Benefits of Mitsubishi Electric starter motors:

  • Manufactured to the highest possible quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Our starter motors are designed to reduce fuel consumption: our models are lightweight and high power to weight ratio, reducing the weight of your vehicle and limiting excessive consumption of fuel.
  • Ergonomic design and high torque
  • Reduced battery discharge thanks to low current draw.
  • Rapid restart
  • Safe and stable temperature control means no need for OCP (over-crank protection)
  • Durable body with enhanced endurance and dust resistance.

Who do we provide starter motors for?

We’re partnered with the top, leading automotive providers in the world. We provide vehicle parts to a wide range of commercial vehicle manufacturers, with our innovative starter motors used for both commercial and passenger applications.

Mitsubishi Electric starter motors come in varying power ratings to accommodate all applications. By combining high torque and higher power to weight ratio, a Mitsubishi Electric starter motor ensures a seamless cranking experience and long-term durability.

Our world-leading starter motors convert electric energy to rotational output, making for the most durable and high-yielding electric starter motors on the global market.


Mitsubishi Electric boasts nearly 100 years of experience in automotive and automobile manufacturing. From technician training to customer service, we excel at every level and remain a lead supplier in the European aftermarket, providing parts for commercial trucks to passenger cars.

To this day, Mitsubishi Electric is at the forefront of electric motor innovation and design, providing high-yielding aftermarket vehicle parts for numerous manufacturing brands and vehicle models. We’re a key supplier to the Independent Aftermarket in Europe, committed to the provision of 100%-authentic Mitsubishi Electric automotive parts, distributed via our European partners and distributors.

Mitsubishi Electric: Boasting nearly 100 years of experience in automotive and automobile manufacturing

Mitsubishi Electric: an eco-conscious, global manufacturer

Mitsubishi Electric adheres to the principles of 'Challenge, Innovation and Improvement' as the foundation of our development and innovation strategy:

  • Challenge: Creating a sustainable future for electric starter motors, prioritizing the reduction of fuel consumption and sustainable, high power to weight ratio vehicles designed for durability

  • Innovation: Working with our global partners to develop an eco-conscious strategy for vehicle manufacturers and users.

  • Improvement: Enhanced durability and increased functionality of our starter motors,

Sustainability / Corporate Social Responsibility

Mitsubishi Electric have a lifelong commitment and contribution to overcoming both environmental and social issues. The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation aim to work towards the 17 goals of the SDGs, across all businesses and corporate activities related to the environment and society, for solving social issues. From our ‘no poverty’ and ‘zero hunger’ initiative through to climate action and affordable clean energy, we’re committed to our goal of realising a safe, secure and comfortable society. You can read more about our corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives here.

Do we provide other aftermarket vehicle parts?

We supply Mitsubishi Electric -manufactured, authentic alternators and motor components, including switch assy, overrunning clutch and regulator assy.

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